Moving to Malta after Brexit – Know what’s important

The World and mainly the UK are still covered in the uncertainty of what will happen after Brexit is final. Many UK citizens and Maltese Expats are worried. The decision from 2016 could affect British Expats living in Malta and Brits who think about moving to Malta after Brexit. At the moment there is still much speculation about the laws affecting British expats in Malta.

Things like healthcare, Residency permits, work permits, and pensions have yet to be figured out to be agreed on. We tried to bring some light in the Brexit dark and give you some insight on the Brexit negotiations and What is the impact of Brexit on UK citizens moving to Malta. Why it might be interesting to move to Malta after Brexit.

Moving to Malta after Brexit – Know what’s important
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Residency and Work permit for UK expats after Brexit

Brexit will affect whether British expats can apply or continue to benefit from Maltese residence and tax residency programs and even retirement programs. How precisely the changes in those programs will look like is not yet clear, but it is certain that adjustments will be made. Some experts and the media assume that UK citizens who want to move to Malta after Brexit is final will have to go through a similar process as non-EU residents. That would mean that would mean a more prolonged and trickier process of registering in Malta.

Others assume that there will be a kind of special status for UK expats moving to Malta after Brexit like it is planned for British tourists visiting Malta after Brexit is final. The negotiations can take up some time. Moreover, there are concerns about work permits especially as they benefit applicants from EU member states over Non-Eu members. That is according to EU laws.

Also retiring in Malta after Brexit might be more challenging than now. So it best to have the residency secured before the Brexit negotiations are final.

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Healthcare benefits remain for UK nationals moving to Malta after Brexit

With regards to healthcare, the Ministry of Health just recently declared that British nationals would remain with the right to benefit from free healthcare when moving to Malta. That is due to a bilateral agreement between Malta and the UK. It also works the other way around and benefits Maltese expats in the UK. The agreement became official in 1975 and is being renewed every year, including this year facing the approach of Brexit. Both sides assured that Brexit would not be an obstacle to the persistence of this bilateral agreement. There is a possibility that similar deals will be signed between Malta and the UK to cover other topics relevant to UK expats.


How will Brexit affect British Expats living in Malta

Currently, around 12000 British expats are living in Malta as residents. They register as residents on the island or as beneficiaries under tax or retirement schemes. At this moment British nationals residing in other EU member states are confronted with uncertainty about their future residency rights. These rights solely depend on the negotiations between the EU and the individual member states. That also applies in the case of Malta.

It is not yet sure if significant rights like free educations, simple work permits or pension rights will remain the way they are. However, the UK and Malta keep a tight relationship and are likely to find an agreement for existing expats.

Presently, two possible situations may occur to beneficiaries who fall under these tax residency programmes. The first one is that they would treat British expats like non-EU nationals. This outcome would mean that British citizens who presently benefit from such plans would be disqualified from the same programs. The second possible situation would be that the UK and Malta come to an agreement. So that British expats would continue to benefit and be classified under the EU programs.

It is not yet clear how the outcome of the Brexit situations will affect existing expats. Given the big number of British expats living in Malta, it is very likely that the governments of both countries will agree with British expats already living in Malta. It is doubtful that they will remove residence rights from British expats. Moving to Malta after Brexit could be trickier, for that it is best to get the situation settled now and get in touch with experts.

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Why you should act now

Given the fact that there will likely be an exclusive agreement for UK citizens moving to Malta before Brexit. Now it is a great moment to act. There will be individual agreements for expats that live in Malta before the Brexit decision. You could get your residence secured now and move a little later. Blue Consulting provides assistance for those relocating to Malta after Brexit and before. Just reach out and get your quota now. Moving was never more comfortable as you will be provided with all possible solutions for British citizens moving to Malta.

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