British Citizens in Malta after Brexit – Special Status officially confirmed.

One of the popular locations for British expats finally reacted and made an official statement. Maltese Prime Minister Josef Muscat announced a special status for British Citizens in Malta after Brexit in the case of a no deal outcome. The Mediterranean island is one of the first European countries that decided the status of British expats after Brexit.

The due date for Brexit is coming closer. That leaves a lot of individuals and businesses with questions regarding the outcome and applications of everyday life and business. Especially EU expats in the UK and British citizens living in Europe are fearing their status in their country of residence.

Malta and the UK have a strong economic and political connection. It was awaited that the two countries would reach some agreement regarding UK citizens residing in Malta. The Maltese Government declared the new measurements and the effects of Brexit on the Maltese economy. With around 13,000 UK-citizens living on the island, Malta had to react as they form part of the labor force as well and are well established in the country. Malta wants to maintain their good relation to the UK, and according to a comment from Joseph Muscat the country wants to stay a friendly place for British citizens.

What will happen to UK Citizens in Malta after Brexit?

UK citizens living in Malta will have to apply for a residency permit, which will be valid for ten years. That is in case of a “No Deal” Brexit. All public entities will try to make the transition as smooth as possible for all citizens affected. After March 29th British residents will receive a document that ensures their permanent status in Malta. This document will be free of charge. Joseph Muscat declared: “The new residence document will reflect the fact that they are no longer EU citizens, but they will be a special category of citizens who have certain acquired rights which will not change.”
People will have the option to renew this document after the ten years elapse.

The good news is that this special status does not only apply to current residents.  Also, British citizens that move to Malta after March 29th can apply. This is a massive advantage for British citizens that look for a connection to Europe after Brexit. The Maltese Government will also open a helpline for all questions regarding the status of UK citizens in Malta after Brexit.

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Malta came to be an excellent option for those who want to stay connected to the EU after Brexit. We predicted a special status for UK Citizens in Malta after Brexit. The solution is a great way to secure the possibility to live and work in Europe. Even in case of a no deal Brexit.

British Citizens in Malta after Brexit – Special Status officially confirmed.

The official statement:

Moving to Malta as a UK Citizen or Company

There might be still questions regarding this new measurement and about moving to Malta in general. We are happy to assist you with all of them. Blue Consulting is always on top of the current events and we are happy to let you know everything about your options and relocating to Malta. There are also possibilities for businesses who want to be on the safer side of Brexit and open a branch in Malta or move their business entirely.

Many international companies already started to co-locate to Malta, as they want to be prepared for any possible Brexit outcome. The Island seems to be well prepared for the events ahead and is even investing in international schools to accommodate more international citizens and companies.

Do not hesitate to get in touch to find the best solution for you after Brexit. We offer personalized strategies for you and your company.

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