Brexit Business Solutions for Your Clients

Brexit Business Solutions

Brexit is getting closer and closer, and while the final decisions are yet to be made, business-owners are increasingly concerned about the future of their business. Maybe you have noticed the uncertainty among your clients already and are unsure what to suggest to them. The big Brexit Damocles sword is hanging over everybody’s head. Maybe you have a clear idea of your clients’ needs, but you are still missing the suitable partners needed for their Brexit business solution.

That is where we come in. We are an international Consultant company open for new partnerships and ideas. With locations in the UK, Malta, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Spain we can provide tailor-made Business solutions for your client before and after Brexit. We work with a broad set of connections and partners in different countries to assure the best solutions for clients. Also, we assist professionals, firms, and lawyers to find the perfect solution for your client and yourself. We believe in direct communication and treat our partners with the highest level of professionalism.

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We are always up to date with current events and are following the updates on the Brexit negotiations closely in order to provide tailor made solutions for businesses and individuals. Additionally, we make sure that they will keep their ties to the European Union and come up with effective business solutions prior and post-Brexit. In our opinion, our office in Malta is one of the best partners for you and your clients in helping you achieve that goal.

Who is Blue Consulting?

We offer a 360⁰ portfolio, and this essentially means that we cover all the services related to the consultancy. This broad portfolio can be achieved through our team or collaborations with partners and authorities. We have offices in Spain, Andorra, the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Ireland, and Belize. In every country, we work together with a local team and relevant authorities to achieve a professional and dedicated service.

Our Portfolio includes, among other services, the incorporation of companies, accountancy, assistance in legal matters, patents, real estate, and many other areas. We also offer solutions for individuals and assist with residence permits, work permits and anything else in that field. Our full Portfolio is visible on our website, and we are happy to answer any possible questions you or your clients might have.

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Why we can provide the best Brexit business solutions

We are always on top of current events and keep a close eye on the Brexit negotiations and developments. Furthermore, we are located in countries that have the potential to be big players after the UK’s Exit. Especially Malta, Ireland, and Gibraltar will be our focus for business solutions regarding Brexit. We believe that especially Malta will be a good option for business and individuals that do not want to loosen their ties with the EU.

Why Malta for your Brexit business solutions?

Malta is a small country in the EU that provides benefits and incentives for business and individuals settling there.  English being listed as one of their official languages is just one of the perks of moving a business or a residency here before Brexit. Malta has a go-to approach for business, and it is open for any company sizes. Other than just being a Brexit solution for a business, it can provide benefits too. Malta’s authorities are reachable, and it is not hard to get a hold of them for questions or ideas. Moreover, the country also offers attractive business taxes and an operation in the European Union.
We are happy to fill you in on all the details and perks of having a business in Malta. We see potential, and we think of Malta as the business solution for your clients.

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Get in touch and help us to provide better services to your clients and cover their Brexit needs. We will assist with any business Brexit solution and other topics that might be interesting for you.